Launch Offer Terms & Conditions:

  • Launch Offer on adSpringr is for a limited period only.
  • All Customers need to agree to the Terms and conditions of the product and need to pay a one-time setup fee of $79.
  • The Offer is valid only if the customer spends a minimum of $2000 in advertising spends on facebook in the first month. In the event the spending is less than this amount the account will automatically get closed at the end of 30 day period.
  • The savings would be calculated on historical data of the ad account using the formula below.
  • In a case when there is NO historical campaign data. Customer will not be eligible for the launch offer and would be charged pay according to other self serve/managed services offerings.
  • Based on the savings, the Customer would receive an invoice at the end of each 30 day period. The invoice amount would be equal to 33% of savings achieved and would be auto charged on customer's credit card used at the time of setup.
  • Customer can call +1-215-253-5622 or send an email to and cancel his account at any time. The customer would be responsible for any dues accrued before the account is cancelled.
  • AKG Technologies Inc. does not guarantee savings and reduced cost. It is not liable if the costs change/increase due to improper management of the campaigns by the customer or increased costs due to changes on facebook.
  • AKG Technologies Inc. reserves all rights of the use of the product, can choose not to offer the product to a customer and can also close this promotional offer at any time.
How we calculate Savings:
Pricing assumes that all the Ads in any campaign have same objective. [same landing destination]
Example :-
Campaign ABC
  • Ad 1- Install adspx app- creative 1 - Targeting 1
  • Ad 2- Install adspx app - creative 2 - Targeting 2
  • Ad 3- Install adspx app - creative 3 - Targeting 3
Campaign ABC
  • Ad 1- Install adspx app- creative 1 - Targeting 1
  • Ad 2- Like adspx page - creative 1 - Targeting 2
  • Ad 3- Instal adspx app - creative 3 - Targeting 3
Pricing will be as follows-
2 weeks before using AdSpringr will be used as benchmark weeks. Let's say the during the 2 weeks the statistics were
Campaign Spent Clicks
And during the use of AdSpringr, the statistics were
Campaign Spent Clicks
A x h
B y i
C z j
Then the savings is defined as:
Savings = (h*X/H -x) + (i*Y/I -y) + (j*Z/J -z)